Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time to write a letter

Dear Lovely,

When did I sign up for such a crazy life?
Could somebody please pull my file
and find the form I signed
 that said...
"you are hereby informed
your life will be hectic and crazy,
if you are up for it 
sign here:"

I was obviously delusional when
I signed said form
and would appreciate
you stamping it 

Now that that's off my chest
I can sit down with 
a cup of tea
and write my dear sister
a letter!
(just like the old days)

Your card is in the mail, Sis!


  1. CRAZZZY indeed! I thought I was busy before I retired! Thanks for this! Message to myself . . . If I love to receive cards and letters . . . send one!

  2. That's something not many people do any more , writing I am talking about . I am fearful that the new generation wont know how . I still love receiving written letters and home made cards in the mail makes it that much more personal ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. Oh I love this I miss letters. Your sister is lucky. Great post:) B

  4. Letters in the mail and party don't know what they missed.

  5. Oh, I wrote letters yesterday too!! Too much fun to send and hope to receive in return. :)