Friday, August 31, 2012

peach pie

Our family has been making the same peach pie as long as I can remember...
it's the only recipe I've ever used to make peach pie.
Yes, it's that good!

Did you know that when mother rolled up her sleeves and put on her apron in August of 1956 to make peach pie she only paid $1.99 for a lug of California peaches and sugar was 79c for 10 lbs.
And she definitely did not buy her cream for this pie at the grocery store...
she bought it from the milkman who delivered right to her doorstep every day.
And at one time our father was the milkman...
(but more on that in another post).
This pie calls for a bottom crust only...
do you have a favorite go-to pie crust recipe you use?
Or a favorite bowl and rolling pin like I do?
Mother's Peach Pie
4-5 peaches
3/4 cup sweet cream
3/4 cup sugar (1 cup if peaches are sour)
3 rounded tbsp flour
1/4 tsp nutmeg
dash of salt
Pour this mixture over peaches in a slightly done pie crust.
Bake at 375 degrees for one hour.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'll Take Mine With Cream Please

I always thought that 
since my dad worked at a Creamery,
we just had to use up a lot
of excess cream!!

We ate creamed asparagus,
creamed beans,
creamed potatoes,
sour cream pie,
cream on our peaches...
creamed EVERYTHING!!

It wasn't until I was an adult 
when I learned 
there were other German families
that ate that way too,
NOT just the cheesemaker's kids!!

This is a page out of a favorite 
cookbook of my mother and Grand-mother!
Published in 1949
(note: ALL of the CREAM)

Isn't it obvious why we remember
Mom's and Grandma's cooking
to be so gosh-darned delicious??!!!

 I'd like to try this 
old recipe for Potato Salad

Does anybody know what
"rook until thick" means??

The Ladies' Guild
of the
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Mrs. Edw. Sinning's submission

4 egg yolks; 1 teaspoon dry mustard; one half cup sugar; one half cup vinegar; one half teaspoon salt; 1 cup thick sour cream.
Beat egg yolks. Add vinegar. Mix sugar, mustard, 
salt and mix with yolks and vinegar. 
Add sour cream and put in
 double boiler and rook until thick.
Very good for potato salad.

Did anybody else have to eat 
wrapped up in a dish towel,
or was that a German thing too?

Have a great Day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Late Summer Hints

In 1932 all households received their newspapers on Fridays.
In rural areas the local weekly newspaper
was the only source of news for most families.
Housewives would scan the grocery store ads
 looking for the best bargains
to do their grocery shopping on Saturday.
Buying a good quality broom for 25c was
both a luxury and treat to the 1932 housewife.
Hints for the Household was also a popular column...
When was the last time you made Pressed Chicken?
And if you're having trouble with mosquitoes...
 just leave a bottle of penny-royal uncorked in the room at night.
 In the morning there will not be a mosquito to be found.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's all about the love...

Let me introduce myself...
 I'm Barb, the older sister of Pickles and Petunias.
(I may have been putting cucumbers in jars
 before Lisa learned to walk?)
We share the same mother
and learned cooking and cleaning at an early age.
We weren't very thankful then but
appreciate everything she taught us now...
"Thanks Mom!"

Our best memories of our grandmothers and mothers
 involve the kitchen and food don't they?
We knew then what we know now...
It was the love that went into her cooking that made it so good.
Along with our extremely curly hair, Lisa and I inherited our love affair
 with our kitchens and cooking from these women.
I hope Lisa and I can invoke some good memories here for you.
We would love it if you would share some of those with us..


A woman's work is never done!





We might have nicer appliances than Grandma had
but we still have just as much to do!

(It takes a lot of time to find a good recipe for
Chicken Tetrazini on the internet
and then download it to our IPad!!)

We all have crazy schedules these days...
keeping it all in check is no easy task!

We would love for you to stop by 
whenever you get a free minute
to relax a bit and
enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food!


Household tips...


Vintage Photos...

and Foodie Photography...

We have a lot to share
my sister and I...

she's the cook,
I'm the taste tester!

We would love your company 
at the family table...

Grandpa Pete & Grandma circa 1960

Grace us with your comments,
share us with your friends!

The Ladies' Guild of 1946
would have gasped at such a thing!

Their names will pop up 
on their age old recipes
that have stood the test of time...

My sister, Barb, from knit and pearl
will share her family favorites
and maybe a sewing tip or two...

I will take some photos
and scan the old family photo albums,
linking up the past with the present!

Come along with us as 
we try new recipes and dig into
Mother's old recipe box...
let's cook up something special today!!