Friday, August 31, 2012

peach pie

Our family has been making the same peach pie as long as I can remember...
it's the only recipe I've ever used to make peach pie.
Yes, it's that good!

Did you know that when mother rolled up her sleeves and put on her apron in August of 1956 to make peach pie she only paid $1.99 for a lug of California peaches and sugar was 79c for 10 lbs.
And she definitely did not buy her cream for this pie at the grocery store...
she bought it from the milkman who delivered right to her doorstep every day.
And at one time our father was the milkman...
(but more on that in another post).
This pie calls for a bottom crust only...
do you have a favorite go-to pie crust recipe you use?
Or a favorite bowl and rolling pin like I do?
Mother's Peach Pie
4-5 peaches
3/4 cup sweet cream
3/4 cup sugar (1 cup if peaches are sour)
3 rounded tbsp flour
1/4 tsp nutmeg
dash of salt
Pour this mixture over peaches in a slightly done pie crust.
Bake at 375 degrees for one hour.


  1. Oh I love this recipe I do believe this is going to be my new favourite pie.
    I like the way you bring the old memories with the recipe it makes it more interesting. I could go for a piece of that pie now.
    The drought had affected Ontario peaches here in Canada so they are pretty expensive and sugar well let us just say you do not want to waste any. B

  2. Maybe I will have to make one of these this weekend? Oh wait!! You can bring me one instead!! :)

  3. Yes, here in Ontario Canada lot of crops have been destroyed because of the drought , it is a shame ! I do also like how you describe the making of the peach pie and your mum ,takes me back to the days of when I was a kid on our hobby farm and my mum in the kitchen with her Apron on , she called them pinny's being a Brit and all making wonderful home made deserts , canning and living off our land ! Thanks for this awesome blog and trip down memory lane ! Have a good day !

  4. would LOVE to see your go-to crust recipe... I can't wait to give this pie a try!

  5. In the oven right now! :) I CANT WAIT!!