Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A woman's work is never done!





We might have nicer appliances than Grandma had
but we still have just as much to do!

(It takes a lot of time to find a good recipe for
Chicken Tetrazini on the internet
and then download it to our IPad!!)

We all have crazy schedules these days...
keeping it all in check is no easy task!

We would love for you to stop by 
whenever you get a free minute
to relax a bit and
enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food!


Household tips...


Vintage Photos...

and Foodie Photography...

We have a lot to share
my sister and I...

she's the cook,
I'm the taste tester!

We would love your company 
at the family table...

Grandpa Pete & Grandma circa 1960

Grace us with your comments,
share us with your friends!

The Ladies' Guild of 1946
would have gasped at such a thing!

Their names will pop up 
on their age old recipes
that have stood the test of time...

My sister, Barb, from knit and pearl
will share her family favorites
and maybe a sewing tip or two...

I will take some photos
and scan the old family photo albums,
linking up the past with the present!

Come along with us as 
we try new recipes and dig into
Mother's old recipe box...
let's cook up something special today!!


  1. Ohhhh.....what fun!!! I cannot wait to see what you two curly topped ladies all come up with!!

  2. Pickles & Petunias will be delightful . . . I have no doubt because I already enjoy your blog and your sisters!

  3. Lovin' the old family photos :) Makes me feel right at home!