Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas lists

What's on your Christmas list this year?
Do you see anything from this 1956 ad that you would like?
Dear Santa:
I would love that hot and heavy iron for 14.95.
You can still buy an iron for that price but it won't be hot and it won't be heavy.
Grandma Jessie would like a chenille spread.
She gets one every year because I have every one of them in my basement
 waiting to be sewn into a project, like the back of a baby quilt.
My brother Stephen would ask for that freight train...
and he got one from Santa one year.
Years later I remember grandpa taking him on a train ride.
I really wanted to go too.
My brother David would take that super dart gun...
and shoot everyone that dared crossed his path.
Mom would enjoy that new blanket in a mist green color.
Sister Rhonda would probably ask for those roller skates.
Remember owning a pair of those? Talk about fun.
And that sled would be perfect for pulling my little sister Lisa around on.
We will be extra careful as we take her to highest hill in town
and let her go!
Trying to be good must have counted with Santa
 because us five kids were rarely good all at the same time
 and we always had a great Christmas.
Thanks Santa!