Wednesday, October 10, 2012

chilly weather

When the weather turns chilly
we make chili at our house.
 I always make a big pot of it because we all know...
 the longer chili sets the better it gets.
Mom always made hers in a large cast iron kettle on the stove.
No recipe needed for chili is there?
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.
ground beef
lots of onions and peppers
we like celery in ours (the way mom made it)
chili beans and black beans
whole tomatoes, preferably fresh
 chili seasoning
celery salt
salt and pepper
and here's my secret...a little sugar
A good cook knows that everything tastes better with a pinch of sugar in it right?
Mother used kidney beans...
 I don't think they had the assortment of beans then like we have now?
My sister adds potatoes to hers...
that is just so wrong!
My Mr. likes his HOT...
I have to hide the chili powder!
 I like to eat mine with a fork
never add water.
And if you need a few extra calories...
and don't we all?
Serve your chili with grated cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips..


  1. Mmmm, that sounds good for this weekend, better stock up on beans!

  2. THAT looks so delicious! I'll take a big bowlful...

  3. Yum! Since we have this hurricane heading towards use, a big pot of chili will be on my stove! My "odd" secret ingredient...add some cocoa powder to your chili. ;)

  4. We like to add corn to ours! Who eats chili without the extra sour cream and cheese?? They are just silly!! :)

  5. This looks delicious! Thanks for following my blog! I thought I'd stop by and follow you too!

  6. This is chili time around our place . . . and today is the day for the RED. Mr. Garden House will be very happy. He usually adds sugar when he eats his . . . I am going to surprise him today!

    The kids always come home for chili at Halloween time. It used to be for the little ones to go trick and treating in the neighbor hood. Now these strapping college kids and their parents, (and their friends) come to granny's for chili.

    I make a pot of White Chicken Chili and a pot of my original Red Chili . . . I make the base of each, (White is done) and then freeze, bring them out early in the day, (the 31st) and bring them to the finish. Garnish options available for the Red will be onion and cheese, garnish for White, tortilla chips . . .

    Usually leftovers go home with each . . . Ten + usually here . . .

    Another family favorite is homemade Chalupa . . . Recipe I found in the early seventies, with pork and pinto beans . . . The big and little love it . . . (I share if you want the recipe!)

    1. Lynne...of course we want the recipe! Thanks for sharing.