Friday, September 21, 2012

Household Hints

"Saturday Cleaning"
was a ritual at our house....
If you had anything you wanted to do
you had better get some cleaning done first!!

Have I carried on that tradition?
Heaven's NO!
I have to be pretty bored 
to pick up a dust cloth on Saturday
(or any other day of the week!)
Dusting was always my weekly job...

and now dusting is an annual job at my house:)!

Since tomorrow's Saturday
and this wonderful cool weather 
reminds me of Fall Cleaning,
I thought you might

Some household tips from
 The Ladies' Guild
Of The
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Lennox, S. Dak.

Published 1949

"When washing windows, put a few drops of kerosene
in your water, and they'll shine beautifully."

"Clean silverware by rubbing with a raw 
potato dipped in soda."

"A little glycerin added to the rinse water
 will keep baby's woolens soft and fluffy."

"Put aspirin in the water of your cut flowers
and they will stay fresh longer."

Before starting out on a dress buying tour,
slip a "waterwave" net cap into your purse.
Don it before plunging into the "pulling-on-and-off" ordeal 
and you will leave the shop
 quite as neatly groomed as when you left home.

all good tips then
and now!

Tomorrow let's 
grab our caps and gloves
and go dress shopping!!


  1. I bet in 1949 the little housewife washed windows on that dress?

  2. Thanks for the tips . . . I use most of them except I didn't know about the kerosene for sparkly windows . . .

  3. Interesting tips ! Back in those days ya did what had ya to , there was no going to the store for it all ! My mum always had her apron on to do the house cleaning and other chores even feeding the chickens she wore her apron ! Have a good day !