Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Just In

We are covered in white stuff once again!

South Dakota snow can drop 
down upon us right 
up into April.
When april rains should 
be the norm, we can get
a foot of snow!

at this time of the season
I prefer to keep my nose
inside and just make art
or at least try to 
keep up with my sister
and make 
artsy things...

she came up with these
little twisted bundles of pure sweetness...

She's calling them South Dakota Rain

(yes, but what about the 5 inches 
of snow outside you say?)

I guess she's thinking SPRING,
and RAIN
that come 
with springtime...

Like a bowl of Easter Eggs...

from my Twisted Sister...
"South Dakota Rain"
to make bracelets, 
decorate almost anything,
or just leave in a bowl as eye candy!

Happy March!

SD Rain now available on our website
1 spool = 1 yard = $3.00 US

1 comment:

  1. That looks like fun. I tried to braid a rug from my scraps, but didn't have enough.