Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the kitchen with Herb

I don't remember my mother or grandmother's growing or cooking with herbs.
They may mother talks about her mother preserving food by drying between two screens and storing the dried food in cardboard oatmeal containers on the stairs leading up to their attic.
I love stories of my mother's childhood...
she never shares many.
I planted a container of herbs to enjoy all summer long
and to dry for this winter.
Oh my! My little herb garden has really taken off.
There is seven different herbs crammed in that little space,
which means a lot of clipping and cooking.
I put basil in yesterdays Italian pasta salad.
Today I will put a few chives in my potato salad for our supper tonight.
I'm also going to make salsa this afternoon using cilantro.
Tonight I will put a sprig of that lavender under my pillowcase
for some sweet dreams.

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