Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday nights

Saturdays have changed a lot since I was a young girl...
Saturday morning was all about getting your weekly housecleaning done
followed by baking for the week.
(I don't think our baking ever lasted a week though?)
But Saturday nights is what I'm thinking about today...

Saturday nights was bath time in order to be clean
 for Sunday school the next morning.
I can't believe we took a bath only once a week.
Simpler times right?

I stayed at a friends house once where they actually had a bath house
and everyone bathed in the same water.
I suppose the cleanest person got to take the first bath? ugh.

This is who is bathing at our house this Saturday morning...

What do you do with your chipped pottery?
The birds are loving this one...

The birds were lined up waiting for their turn here.

And when Saturday night baths on the farm were finished
the water was carried out to water mama's cucumbers and petunias...
not a drop was wasted.

But if you're a bird...

you are not fussy and invite all your feathered friends
over for a drink of water.

Public bathing and drinking your bath water
definitely makes me glad I'm NOT a bird today.

~cheers, Petunia


  1. Delightful post! Loved the a Robins and friends splashing away . . . (Great chipped pottery idea!)

  2. great pics of the bathers! Thank goodness for showers!

  3. Cute picture of the robin bathing! I remember growing up that we only took baths on Saturday night. Although we each got to have clean water.

  4. I LOVE your pictures!! It "ALMOST" makes me want to get in line, but instead I will be thankful for all of those inventors who came up with modern day plumbing (even if we still cant drink our faucet water here). Off to go look for chipped pottery......

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