Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grandma's Kitchen

Didn't all grandma's have one or two of these beauties in their kitchen?

These hot pad holders were just for looking at...
you couldn't possibly use one could you?

This was a lot of crocheting for a touch-me-not.

I learned to crochet in the 1970's...
remember when those little granny square vests were so popular?
Well, that is why I taught myself to crochet.

Then in the 80's doilies were all the rage...again.
Because we can all remember when every surface in grandma's
house was covered with them.

Even the backs of these hot pad holders are pretty...

pure vintage.



  1. My mum used to make them to ! These are lovely ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. I love the granny crochet pot holders. I have one that my mom used . . . I don't think she made it but her hands touched it! Love the teal and white of these.

  3. I have several of these too and love them. They are so pretty and I just use them for display. I like the soft green in yours. Pamela

  4. LOL now were talking .. I just made a pink and white one.. but it didn't have the flower in the middle.. I like that and it's funny you used this color because I just told myself I wanted and aqua one and blue and white one... I can't read direction barely I crochet by site.. I have two blogs one crocheting @ & come visit me sometime..